NRW understands that responsible environmental management in the resources and infrastructure sectors plays a significant role in ensuring its long-term viability.

The effective management of our environmental aspects and impacts is fundamental to NRW’s approach to the delivery of our services. NRW is committed to managing our obligations to the environment in a responsible manner and to mitigating the impact of our activities on the natural environment. We do this by continually striving to improve the sustainability of our operations by developing and implementing environmental systems, strategies and plans to minimise harm to the environment, meeting our environmental compliance obligations, and engaging, where required, environmental professionals to monitor compliance with these obligations and encourage positive behaviour and high-quality outcomes. We recognise that our approach to the environment impacts NRW’s reputation, business value and ultimately shareholder returns.

Our environmental approach and commitments are outlined in the following documents:

These policies are critical to ensuring our employees and broader stakeholder groups are engaged with and aware of NRW’s environmental commitments. 

We place significant emphasis on ensuring effective controls are implemented through our business and continuous improvement through lessons learned to sustain the natural environment. We do this through NRW’s environmental management systems (accredited to AS/NZ ISO 14001:2015) which provide the foundation for consistent delivery of the highest level of environmental management across projects. These systems ensure a consistent approach to identifying and controlling environmental hazards and risks, and monitoring our environmental performance across the entire organisation.

Every project NRW undertakes involves careful environmental planning from project inception to the operational stages to identify environmental obligations and to set management procedures. However, NRW has relatively low ‘operational control’ over a substantial amount of our emissions and project-specific environmental plans which include water management and resource use. Instead, these are controlled by our clients, the owners of the mining tenure and accompanying resources. Generally, NRW’s operations are under the direction and control of our clients, including a requirement to work in accordance with the site policies, health and safety practices and environmental management plan. Within the facilities that we do manage, including workshops and offices, we are committed to addressing the environmental impacts from these operations in a sustainable manner.