NRW’s long-term success depends on the safety, wellbeing and development of its people and the communities in which it operates.


The nature of NRW’s operations involve high-risk activities that if not managed correctly, could result in accidents or incidents causing injury or loss of life for its workforce. NRW recognises its moral, and legal, obligation to operate in a safe manner at all times and is committed to supporting the safety of our workforce. This commitment was reinforced in the outcomes of our materiality assessment, where safety ranked as NRW’s highest priority material topic for both internal and external stakeholders. Our commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and our communities is expressed in strong safety leadership, engagement with our workforce and stakeholders, and a continual focus on identifying and managing risks. We also understand we face challenges to maintain and improve our performance, and continuously engage with our people to safeguard against complacency in the workforce.

NRW recognises that it is our people who deliver our services and build trusted relationships to enhance our reputation as the contractor of choice. Therefore, supporting the wellbeing of our people, attracting, developing and retaining a skilled workforce, and promoting an inclusive and diverse workplace culture are vital to NRW maintaining a competitive advantage and underpinning our future success. We aim to enhance our clients’ assets and support the communities in which we operate. We are committed to investing in our people for the longer term by ensuring that they are provided with opportunities to develop new skills and capabilities through training and education and are surrounded by a healthy workplace culture that is collaborative and supportive. This approach is evidenced through the following policies, management systems and programs: