Sustainability at NRW

We believe in applying and supporting sustainable business solutions and practices that create real and lasting value for our stakeholders and society.

NRW is a leading provider of diversified contract services to the resources and infrastructure sectors in Australia. NRW recognises that responsible environmental and social management in these sectors plays a significant role in ensuring sustainable outcomes for the business and the planet.

NRW is committed to contributing to a sustainable future through responsible business practices that deliver economic returns for our shareholders, provide employees with a safe and inclusive workplace, creates value for the communities in which we operate and respects the environment. How NRW achieves this objective will evolve through active engagement in innovation, progressive industry ‘best practice’ and government direction and legislation.

Although NRW does not own the resources or infrastructure projects on which we operate, we are committed to supporting, and where appropriate, partnering with our clients to enhance their sustainability objectives. These objectives include employment targets that align to community and industry expectations such as diversity, safety benchmarks, adherence to environmental standards and climate-related initiatives to reduce or limit greenhouse gas emissions whilst on site. Within the facilities that we do manage, including workshops and offices, we are committed to addressing the environmental and social impacts of these operations in a sustainable manner.

OUR governance FRAMEWORK

It is NRW’s mission to be the ‘contractor of choice’. To fulfil our mission, NRW recognises the need to challenge ourselves to continue to improve our performance on key sustainability metrics, and to invest in the area of sustainability. 

Ultimately, the way our business performs its work is integral to delivering products and services to standards above industry expectations. We believe this is critical to creating long-term sustainable value for our stakeholders.

our sustainability pillars