COLLABORATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR CIVIL infrastructure providers, urban developers and mine owners

Established in 1942, Golding joined the NRW Holdings Group in 2017, as one of the largest civil infrastructure, urban development and mining contractors in Queensland.

The company provides project solutions in urban, regional and remote locations for the resources, utilities, property and transport sectors. Its strong reputation for quality delivery and track record has allowed Golding to expand its capabilities into New South Wales.

Golding operates three core divisions – Civil, Urban and Mining.


Civil construction solutions have formed a core part of Golding’s business for over seven decades. From roads, rail embankments, bridges, wharves and dams, clients can rely on the bulk earthworks and infrastructure development capability.

Golding’s expertise has been put to work over the years as part of a diverse range of major projects or as a whole solution. The civil division also specialises in the construction of mine-site civil infrastructure.

Golding services tier one clients and has the highest national prequalification for civil construction contracts (R5 / B4 AND F150+).


Residential, industrial and commercial property developers rely on Golding’s specialist urban development services for complex earthworks, drainage, roads and water infrastructure.

Golding has demonstrated time and again its capability to deliver high quality projects on time, to budget, with positive safety, environmental and community outcomes. Golding has a proven team that works collaboratively with consultants, councils and developers often in the feasibility stages.


Golding’s Mining division delivers a full range of open cut mining services to the coal and metalliferous mining sectors. This spans from site establishment, through topsoil removal, drill and blast, excavator/truck and dragline waste removal, and coal and ore mining, coal processing and mine site rehabilitation works.

Golding is accredited to all the relevant standards and holds the highest prequalification for road contracts.