Good corporate governance and risk management practices form the basis on which NRW delivers its corporate strategy and sustainability objective.

NRW believes that adopting and applying high standards of corporate governance enhances the Company’s performance and creates long-term shareholder value. We are therefore committed to promoting a culture of ethical corporate behaviour which is aligned to the NRW values and ultimately evidenced through the way we work. NRW and our stakeholders place high importance on corporate governance, which was reinforced in the outcomes of our materiality assessment.

The Board is ultimately responsible for the governance, risk and compliance frameworks of the Company. The Board’s approach to corporate governance is underpinned by a documented and robust Corporate Governance Framework. This framework provides the platform from which NRW’s Board provides strategic direction for the responsible and sustainable growth of the company. It also drives a culture that promotes high ethical standards and personal integrity. 

Under our governance framework, NRW’s management is accountable to the Board, and the Board is accountable to shareholders for the operations, performance and growth of the company. The primary goal the Board has set for management is to focus on enhancing shareholder value, which includes responsibility for NRW’s ESG performance.

The Charter Documents which govern our Board and Board Committees are listed below:

NRW’s corporate governance framework is affected through a suite of policies and procedures, developed over time to ensure compliance with the various legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to the NRW business. These policies include: