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04/11/2019Response to Media Speculation regarding BGC ContractingDownload
30/10/2019Appendix 4GDownload
30/10/2019Annual Report to shareholdersDownload
29/10/2019Becoming a substantial holder from CBADownload
24/10/2019RCRMT awarded D & C Contract for FortescueDownload
21/10/2019CEO - Change in Remuneration PackageDownload
21/10/2019Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy FormDownload
15/10/2019Golding ContractsDownload
30/08/2019Change of Director's Interest NoticeDownload
29/08/2019Update - Dividend/Distribution - NWHDownload
29/08/2019Koodaideri Mine Pre-strip Contract AwardDownload
28/08/2019Appendix 3BDownload
22/08/2019Dividend/Distribution - NWHDownload
22/08/2019Appendix 4E and Full Year Statutory AccountsDownload
22/08/2019Full Year Results Press ReleaseDownload
22/08/2019Full Year Results PresentationDownload
20/08/2019Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
08/08/2019Becoming a substantial holder from MUFG (revised)Download
08/08/2019Becoming a substantial holder from MUFGDownload
05/08/2019Ceasing to be a substantial holder from CBADownload
08/07/2019Baralaba North FatalityDownload
03/07/2019SMR: Stanmore Coal investing in open cut efficiencyDownload
03/07/2019Isaac Plains East - Additional CapacityDownload
13/06/2019Change in substantial holding from CBADownload
04/06/2019NRW - Market UpdateDownload
03/06/2019Trading HaltDownload
27/05/2019Becoming a substantial holderDownload
22/05/2019NRW response to media speculationDownload
21/05/2019RCRMT Contract AwardDownload
17/05/2019Contract AwardDownload
15/05/2019Trading HaltDownload
10/05/2019Becoming a substantial holder for GCYDownload
17/04/2019ZSP: Trade Me Group to be removed from the S&P/ASX 200 IndexDownload
03/04/2019NRW - RCRMT New WorkDownload
03/04/2019NRW Coronado - 4th Fleet approvedDownload
01/04/2019NRW - Gascoyne Resources Capital RaisingDownload
01/04/2019GCY: $24.5m Placement and Fully Underwritten Entitlement OffDownload
13/03/2019NRW - Euroz Investor PresentationDownload
12/03/2019Becoming a substantial holderDownload
06/03/2019Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
05/03/2019Change in substantial holdingDownload
04/03/2019Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
01/03/2019Becoming a substantial holderDownload
20/02/2019Half Year AccountsDownload
20/02/2019Half Year ResultsDownload
20/02/2019Half Year Results PresentationDownload
20/02/2019Dividend/Distribution - NWHDownload
15/02/2019NRW awarded FMG's Stage 1 Eliwana Rail ProjectDownload
15/02/2019Acquisition of RCR Mining & Heat Treatment completedDownload
04/02/2019Becoming a substantial holderDownload
31/01/2019NRW - RCR Acquisition PresentationDownload
31/01/2019RCR: Administrators Sale Process UpdateDownload
31/01/2019NRW acquires RCR Mining & RCR Heat Treatment businessesDownload
24/01/2019Contract Award KoodaideriDownload
24/01/2019Reinstatement to Official QuotationDownload
24/01/2019Suspension from Official QuotationDownload
22/01/2019Pause in tradingDownload
22/01/2019Trading HaltDownload