Fortescue Metals Group

Trinity Drive Overpass Construction

60km north of Tom Price
Pilbara, Western Australia

November 2015

March 2016


The Solomon Trinity Overpass Project is located at Fortescue Metals Group’s Solomon mine site approximately 60km north of Tom Price, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Trinity Overpass has been constructed as part of the mine’s infrastructure to facilitate the operation of an Autonomous Haul System fleet of trucks. The overpass allows Autonomous Heavy Mobile Equipment to bypass Trinity Drive Light Vehicle Access Road and access the Trinity Mining Area. NRW was awarded the contract and commenced construction of the overpass in November 2015.

The key elements of the scope of works included:

  • Protection of existing services
  • The construction of two, 82m long reinforced concrete strip footings (370m3) and the construction of workshop reinforced concrete slabs (190m3)
  • The installation of a multi plate steel arch with dimensions of 11.4m span, 7.2m rise and 82m length
  • Placing and compacting engineered backfill of the steel arch structure (27000m3)
  • Construction of two pullover bays (4500 m3)
  • Construction of a light vehicle access road (400m) including installation of all road signage, guideposts and delineators

Practical completion of Trinity Overpass was achieved in March, 2016.

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