Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) at NRW are intrinsically linked to the way we work.

We are strongly focused on completing our daily tasks in a safe manner, looking out for our workmates and ultimately delivering civil and mining projects to our clients that we are proud of. NRW’s vision is for every employee to arrive home safely after each shift or swing.


NRW is committed to achieving the highest possible performance in occupational health and safety across all business operations with a target to eliminate incidents and injuries on every project. NRW have successfully rolled out safety initiatives such as the “A Safe Day, Every Day.” program to improve safety performance. Comprised of company-wide safety initiatives and procedures, the “A Safe Day, Every Day.” program promotes information sharing and communication between NRW’s projects to improve safety across the company by learning through our peers.

The program also contains a recognition component where employees who go above and beyond for safety or create a positive safety initiative are recognised site and company-wide. 


Our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management systems are accredited to both ISO 45001:2018 and the Government funded Federal Safety Commission. These certifications are regularly audited by external third parties to ensure that we continue to deliver a high level of safety for our people and our clients.


NRW understands that responsible environmental management in the resources and infrastructure sector plays a significant role in ensuring its sustainability. Our Environmental Management Systems provide the foundation for the consistent delivery of the highest level of environmental management across all projects. In order to identify environmental obligations and to set management procedures, every project undertaken involves careful environmental planning from project inception to the operational stages. 

Environmental professionals are engaged to monitor compliance with these obligations and encourage positive behaviours and high quality outcomes. We maintain certification to the international specification for Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001. Compliance to the specification is strictly monitored by external agencies on a regular basis.

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