18/08/2016NRW Investor Presentation FY16Download
18/08/2016Full Year Statutory Accounts and Appendix 4EDownload
18/08/2016NRW FY16 Results ReleaseDownload
28/07/2016Response to ASX Price QueryDownload
04/07/2016Initial Director's Interest NoticeDownload
04/07/2016Final Director's Interest NoticeDownload
28/06/2016Contract AwardDownload
17/06/2016Contract AwardDownload
17/06/2016NRW Board ChangesDownload
17/06/2016Trading HaltDownload
14/06/2016Ceasing to be a substantial holder from CBADownload
07/06/2016NRW Debt Rescheduling Agreement UpdateDownload
04/05/2016Change in substantial holding from CBADownload
28/04/2016Salini-NRW FAL Contract AwardDownload
28/04/2016Trading HaltDownload
11/03/2016S&P DJ Indices Announces March Quarterly ReviewDownload
09/03/2016NRW Holdings - Board ChangesDownload
23/02/2016Trading HaltDownload
23/02/2016Response to Media ArticleDownload
19/02/2016NRW HY Results PresentationDownload
19/02/2016NRW HY Results Press ReleaseDownload
19/02/2016Response to ASX Aware QueryDownload
19/02/2016Half Year Report and AccountsDownload
18/02/2016FAL - SI-NRW JV Preferred RespondentDownload
18/02/2016Trading HaltDownload
17/02/2016Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
15/02/2016Response to Price QueryDownload
08/02/2016Contract AwardDownload
18/01/2016CEO - Revised Remuneration PackageDownload
08/01/2016Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload